USDC Usage: Unveiling the Dynamics Across Avalanche vs L2

    This analysis delves into the utilization of USDC (USD Coin) on multiple blockchain networks, including Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon. By examining various metrics such as minting and burning, number of holders, velocity of transfers, and top protocols, key insights emerge. The findings reveal that while Avalanche and Polygon exhibit comparable levels of USDC utilization, Optimism lags behind, and Arbitrum demonstrates the highest volume. Minting and burning activities remain relatively consistent across the chains, with Avalanche showcasing a higher average mint volume. Furthermore, decentralized exchanges (DEXes) emerge as the prominent protocols for USDC usage, with Aave and Binance leading the pack on Avalanche. The most popular swap pair on Avalanche involves USDC and AVAX tokens. These insights shed light on the dynamics of USDC usage and the ecosystem surrounding these blockchain networks.