Aptos Data Breakdown

    This dashboard provides stakeholders with actionable insights to optimize performance, enhance user experience, and make informed decisions within the Aptos ecosystem. 📊🚀, The dashboard contains various metrics related to the Aptos platform: 1. Fees in Aptos: - This section displays the total fees generated within the Aptos ecosystem. 2. Average Transaction Fees: - The average fee per transaction conducted on the Aptos platform. It helps users understand the cost associated with using the system. 3. Transactions per Second: - A real-time metric showing the rate at which transactions are processed on Aptos. It reflects the platform's scalability and efficiency. 4. Total Transactions: - The cumulative count of all transactions executed on Aptos. This metric provides an overview of the platform's overall activity. 5. Daily Active Users: - The number of unique users who actively engage with Aptos on a daily basis. It indicates user adoption and platform usage. 6. Weekly Transaction Count: - Aggregated transaction count over a week. It helps identify trends and peak usage periods. 7. Aptos Projects Ranked by Number of Users: - A list of Aptos projects, ranked in descending order based on the number of users associated with each project. Useful for understanding project popularity. 8. Aptos Projects by Number of Users and Transactions: - A matrix or visualization that correlates the number of users with the transaction volume for each Aptos project. It highlights high-impact projects.