DOGE Analytics Dashboard

    This year, DOGE has been making some historic moves, and you should be interested in this. This dashboard is designed to track important metrics that investors of DOGE might find useful. The metrics were gotten from analyzing DOGE blockchain on Thorchain cross-chain protocol Metrics Details: 1. Total DOGE Swap Volume USD: - Cumulative value of all DOGE swaps. - Reflects overall trading activity. 2. Total DOGE SWAPS: - Total number of DOGE swaps executed. - Indicates user engagement and demand. 3. Average Slippage: - Represents the average price impact during swaps. - Lower slippage is desirable for traders. 4. Liquidity Fees: - Refers to fees paid by liquidity providers for participating in the DOGE liquidity pool. - Incentivizes liquidity provision. 5. Doge Total Liquidity (Daily): - Measures the total liquidity available for DOGE swaps. - Influences slippage and trading efficiency. 6. Doge Total Liquidity (Monthly): - Tracks monthly changes in DOGE liquidity. - Helps analyze trends and market dynamics. 7. Doge Unique Swappers: - Counts the unique addresses participating in DOGE swaps. - Reflects community engagement and adoption. 8. Doge Staking Frequency: Indicates how often DOGE holders stake their coins. 9. Doge Swap Volume in Rune (Monthly): Measures DOGE swap value in THOR (Rune). In summary, DOGE’s unique dynamics lie in its community-driven origins, meme branding, and active trading. Its liquidity, trading volume, and engagement metrics contribute to its significance in the crypto market. As DOGE continues to evolve, monitoring these metrics will provide valuable insights for investors and traders.