NEAR Lending Dashboard (Burrow Finance)

    NEAR Lending Dashboard (Burrow Finance) The NEAR Lending Dashboard (Burrow Finance) provides essential insights into the lending and borrowing activities within the NEAR Protocol ecosystem. ## Dashboard Metrics: 1. Transaction Activity: Monitor overall transaction volume within Burrow. 2. Transaction Activity 2024: Analyze transaction trends specifically for the year 2024. 3. Transaction Activity March: Focus on transaction data for the month of March. 4. Action Distribution on Burrow 2024: Understand the distribution of different actions (borrowing, lending) throughout 2024. 5. Action Distribution on Burrow March: Drill down into action distribution for March. 6. Loan Sender Frequency 2024: Identify the most active loan senders during 2024. 7. Top 10 Tokens Used on Burrow: Explore the tokens most commonly used within Burrow. This dashboard empowers NEAR users to make informed decisions, optimize their lending strategies, and participate in the exciting world of decentralized finance. 🚀