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    Scores 0-25
    0 ????

    Quest Details

    Rewards Available
    ? ???
    Max Reward
    Per User
    Rewards Offered
    5 min
    Estimated Time
    1 Action
    Required Onchain

    Quest Description


    To qualify for the reward, you must swap at least 0.01 ETH (can swap to any token). Rewards are capped at 10% of your swap volume.

    Thorchain is a cross-chain DEX that enables swappers to swap native assets across different chains and allows liquidity providers to earn revenue through fees by the swappers. You can think of it as a bridge and DEX combined into a single product.

    In this exercise, we will be learning to swap from $ETH on Ethereum to any other asset supported by Thorchain.

    Max Reward
    ? ???