NGL Token Analysis

    Entangle is the first fully customizable & Interoperable Data Infrastructure Built for Web3 and Institutions. Entangle provides builders & dApps universal data pathways with full configurability in executing operations across any blockchain network. In this analysis we will be exploring some of the few metrics in which I will still be adding more to its in the future, its native token NGL is the native token of Entangle, and it is used for utility purposes. The Entangle Token $NGL is utilized for: → Staking as a Delegator or Infrastructure Provider for Transmitter Agents → Staking as a Validator or Delegator for the Entangle Blockchain → Utilizing Entangle as a connected application → Paying gas fees on the Entangle Blockchain. This functionality will be available when the Mainnet goes live. Please note, some of the data here will be updated soon, and if there is anything you want me to add please kindly reach out to me via my twitter @iam_LeriK