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    Alchemy API

    Alchemy API from AlchemyAlchemy
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    Alchemy is the leading blockchain development platform, providing infrastructure & tools to create, scale, & operate dApps. This integration provides access to on-chain data for Ethereum, Polygon PoS & zkEVM, Arbitrum, Optimism, Starknet, Astar, & Solana; including core JSON-RPC methods via Alchemy’s Supernode & enhanced APIs for simulating transactions, NFTs, transfer events, token info, & more.

    SELECT alchemy_nfts.get_nfts(
      {'owner': '0x4a9318F375937B56045E5a548e7E66AEA61Dd610'}
    ) as response
    SELECT alchemy_nfts.get_owners_for_token(
        'contractAddress': '0xe785E82358879F061BC3dcAC6f0444462D4b5330',
        'tokenId': 44
    ) as response
    Getting Started

    To get started building with Alchemy, you'll need to create an account and generate an API key.

    • Create a free account with Alchemy
    • After creating your account, you’ll see an app with API keys created for you with your selected network during the signup flow. You can copy this key directly by clicking on the “copy key” button, or create a new app on any of Alchemy’s supported networks by following Alchemy’s QuickStart guide here.
    • Click the Install button here and enter your API key for this specific blockchain and network
    • Go to the LiveQuery section of Data Studio and start querying!

    Alchemy’s LiveQuery integration provides access to all on-chain data for Ethereum, Polygon PoS and zkEVM, Arbitrum, Optimism, Starknet, Astar and Solana. This includes access to standard JSON-RPC methods for those networks through Alchemy’s Supernode and enhanced APIs for simulating transactions and getting data related to NFTs, transfer events, transactions, token information, and more. Alchemy also provides access to full archive data from Genesis for free.

    Now, you are ready to get started using Alchemy with Flipside’s LiveQuery. To share additional API keys for new Apps repeat steps 2 to 3 above.


    Alchemy’s LiveQuery Integration enables you to query a blockchain’s native RPC methods directly as well as Alchemy’s enhanced API endpoints.

    After you’ve installed Alchemy, you can execute any of Flipside’s native blockchain node functions or Alchemy's enhanced API endpoints.

    Core RPC Methods

    Enhanced API Methods