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    Transpose REST API

    Transpose REST API from TransposeTranspose
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    The Transpose REST API suite grants you the industry’s most comprehensive view of key cross-chain blockchain data primitives: complete account, block, transaction, token, NFT, and ENS data. Retrieve billions of rows of data at low cost using over 50 different endpoints and over 100 flexible query parameters.

      SELECT transpose.get('/ens/ens-records-by-name', {
        'chain_id': 'ethereum',
        'ens_names': 'vitalik.eth'
      }) as resp
    Getting Started
    • Sign up for a free key through our webapp at

    • Create a new POST request, and include your API key in the header as X-API-KEY.

    • Submit a valid SQL query in the body of the POST request to our SQL endpoint as sql. Note that all of our table names are namespaced to a specific chain (i.e. ethereum.nft_sales)."


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