Mutantmon and the Tokenomics of Token-2022

    Mutantmon embraces a unique feature of the Token-2022 standard. It collects 2% on each token transfer and 2% when the Mutant token is converted to a Mutantmon NFT. It also allows players to exchange their NFT back to 10,000 Mutant tokens, without the 2% fee. Each Mutant NFT costs 10,000 mutant, with a lifetime supply of 10,000 NFTs and a fixed supply of 100M tokens. Half of all collected fees are burned, and the other is sent to the treasury. With this model, every time Mutant is swapped or transferred, the supply decreases as 1% of the amount is burned. Token trading permanently locks in a higher value of SOL relative to Mutant in the Raydium liquidity pool.