Estimate Daily Transaction Gas Fees Paid in USD

    README: Typical gas fees for several major networks denominated in USD. Daily quartiles are provided for most networks along with daily transaction count. For Solana, a date filter is required due to the high transaction count and AVG() is used instead of the quartile calculations. I suggest you restrict the time period to ~1 month to ensure the Solana chart does not surpass the timeout set by Flipside; the query may still take some time (1-5 minutes). Notes: There is a dual y-axis on these charts. The left is USD value for tx fees and the right is tx count. USD gas fees are an approximation. Gas token USD prices are recorded on the hour using Flipside's price tables. For Ethereum, Avalanche, and Solana prices the wrapped token is used as a proxy. Axes are variable across each chart due to the time period for when data is available for each network and the magnitude of throughput/gas fee values.